Property Clean Out

Property Clean Out & Junk Removal

Property Clean Out & Junk Removal 


Besides being among the most trusted long distance movers in Pittsburgh, Diversity Movers also provide junk removal and property clean out services. We will perform a deep cleaning of your basement, storage, warehouse, or any area of your residential or commercial property without leaving anything behind.


We will remove all unwanted items from your space and thoroughly sanitize it for your future safety and comfort. Furthermore, we can also remove the construction debris or any out-of-order bulky appliances like refrigerators.


We assure you that your office, warehouse, or home will be in much better shape after we are done dismantling and removing the junk and cleaning the space.

We Make Sure You Get A Bang For Your Buck:


Being among the few junk removers and long distance movers in Pittsburgh with unparalleled prices means we go out of our way to provide our customers with maximum value. When you pay for our service, we want you to do it with full confidence and trust in our capability.


You are rest assured that we will not stop for anything that comes in our way. Whatever type of stuff you need to be removed or area cleaned, our professional movers and cleaners will be there for you on every step.


Lastly, we make sure to provide upfront pricing to our customers with full transparency, so there are no surprises at the end; just like you, we also hate unpleasant surprises.


At Diversity Movers, we value our relationship with the clients more than the money, and our world-class service will prove it to you.

Here’s What Our Property Clean-Out & Junk Removal Service Can Offer:


  • All of your trash and junk will be carefully hauled out and responsibly handled
  • Our crew will also try to separate the material that can be recycled
  • We offer guaranteed affordability as compared to dumpster rental
  • We can haul virtually anything from your residential or commercial place
  • We don’t just remove the junk; we also ensure your site is immaculately clean


Whether you have bulky trash or a pile of waste sitting in an old dryer or your driveway, we can remove it from your property. An average household in the U.S generates around 4.5 pounds of waste daily (Brandon Gaille). Don’t let that junk clutter your house, call us today.

We bring extraordinary customer
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